As complaints started pouring in

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ضمن عرض خوش آمد گويي پيوستن شما را به اعضاي گروه اسکينکي ها گرامي مي داريم, هم اکنون مي توانيد در تالار هاي گفتمان سايت با دوستان و هموطنان خود به بحث و گفتگو بپردازيد و از ديگر مزاياي عضويت به صورت رايگان برخوردار شويد.

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شما نيز نويسنده سايت ما باشيدشما هم جزء کساني‌ باشيد که مي‌خواهيد مطلب خود را منتشر کنيد با ارسال مطلب خود ميتوانيد يکي‌ از ارسال کنندگان سايت باشيد تنها با فشار دادن ارسال مطلب شما هدايت ميشويد به بخش ارسال‌ها و مطلب خود را ثبت کنيد .

ابتدا در سايت عضو شده تا پنل کاربري براي ارسال مطلب براي شما ايجاد گردد.


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براي اطلاع از آپيدت شدن سايت در خبرنامه سايت عضو شويد تا جديدترين مطالب به ايميل شما ارسال شود.

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"As complaints started pouring in


As complaints started pouring in, the Karnataka government constituted a Special Investigation Team headed by DIG, B R Ravikanthe Gowda.Baig had rejected the claim, saying that the charges were false, baseless and frivolous.The SIT said more than one lakh people had invested in the IMA Jewels which started 17 companies and that people had invested custom steel castings for sale Rs 4,084 crore in the company.Khan was arrested on July 21 on his arrival in New Delhi by the Enforcement Directorate and is currently in judicial custodyBefore fleeing the country, Khan had even accused the Shivajinagar MLA R Roshan Baig, who has been disqualified from the assembly on a request by the Congress for his anti-party activities, of taking Rs 400 crore from him and not returning it.Many touts and some religious preachers were also among those who lured people to invest in the IMA, police said.The Enforcement Directorate, which is probing the case simultaneously, has attached assets worth Rs 209 crore, including 20 immovable properties and bank deposits, in connection with the case.The SIT, as well as the Enforcement Directorate quizzed Chamarajpet Congress MLA B Z Zameer Ahmed Khan in connection with the case and later released him.Promising high returns, IMA operator Mohammed Mansoor Khan had allegedly duped over a lakh investors, mostly Muslims."The government directed the officials of all departments concerned to hand over data, information and records as and when required by the CBI and cooperate in the investigation.. The SIT has unearthed huge cache of gold and real estate dealings of IMA.

The case came to light when Khan fled to Dubai, leaving behind a video message, saying that he was committing suicide because of "corruption in the state and central governments".The CBI has also been asked to "identify and investigate persons involved in the illegal activities in connection with affairs of IMA, Bengaluru and its group entities.It has so far arrested over 25 people, including 12 directors of the firm, a corporator, husband of a corporator, the deputy commissioner of Bengaluru urban, assistant commissioner of Bengaluru north sub-division, a Bengaluru Development Authority officer and a village accountant.The SIT questioned Baig once.He has to refund approximately Rs 1,400 crore to his investors, the SIT had said. He was asked to appear again, but did not turn up, citing health reasons.According sanction to the CBI, the government in its order said it would investigate all the FIRs registered against the IMA and its group entities.He had promised them that his company promoted Islamic way of investment.Bengaluru: The Karnataka government on Tuesday entrusted the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate the multi-crore ponzi scheme I Monetory Advisory (IMA) and its group entities, which allegedly duped over a lakh of people.

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